Why buy Stem Cell Insurance?

StemCellCare is an insurance policy should your child need to use their stored stem cells for treatment. StemCellCare can give you peace of mind and flexibility with a lump sum contribution of either £75,000 or £150,000 towards the cost of treating almost 80 conditions with an appropriate procedure. StemCellCare puts you in control and is the result of working closely with the market leading stem cell storage organisation's, leading experts in the field and an A rated insurance company to build products that will help families in their time of need.

We pay you a lump sum benefit so that you can access the treatment you want and trust. We won’t tell you when and where to have your treatment. Instead, you choose! 

Did you know?

Over 40,000 HSCTs have been performed worldwide since 1988 and over 4,500 cord blood transplants now take place every year.

The current average cost of treating a donor child in the US is £79,000.

In an average lifetime it is estimated there is a 1 in 217 likelihood of a person requiring a transplant of their own or another’s stem cells.

The cost of a HSCT can exceed £100,000 yet £75,000 of StemCellCare cover costs £6.42 per month for 12 months and covers almost 80 conditions where a Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant (HSCT) is an approved treatment. For a small additional premium you can include siblings in your cover.


What are my options?

You could, of course, cover the cost of treatment from your own assets. The current average cost of treating a sibling in the US is £181,000. 

If you would rather insure that risk then you can buy new cover with a benefit level of either £75,000 or £150,000. Please click the new cover button below for full details. If the cover has been provided to you by your stem cell storage bank but you would like to increase cover from £75,000 to £150,000 and add cover for biological siblings then please follow the upgrade button below. 

Whatever your choice, should you have a valid claim then we pay the lump sum benefit in full allowing you to make your own decisions about when, where and by whom treatment should take place.


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Our Promise

  • We support families when they really need financial and emotional support.
  • If you need to claim, then we always refer you to our Independent Panel of Medical Experts - professionals with many years of experience in this field, will review your claim to ensure that you are treated fairly.
  • We pay a contribution of £75,000 or £150,000 towards the cost of appropriate treatment - dependent on the benefit you select.
  • We shall give you the opportunity to insure the ‘donor’ child and biological siblings.
  • Our policies are underwritten by a global, A rated insurance company – for your peace of mind.
  • We help families gain access to treatment for almost 80 conditions including leukaemia, neuroblastoma and sickle cell disease.
  • We only work with biobanks that are fully and properly accredited.
  • We shall always make our policy documents available to read before you buy. A summary of all of our policies can be found here.

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